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  • Blood and Black Lace


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  • Blood and Black Lace

    Blood and Black Lace

    31 days of Horror 2021
    Day 20
    Lets move to Giallo film made by Bava, this one actually has a masked killer, which does make it a case to being the first slasher movie. Though this movie does play more like a murder mystery than a straight horror movie. There are some cool kills in it with a person being burned by a lamp, that cool weapon shown in the poster. It also has a pretty fun final act.
    Definitely one of the best giallo films made.

  • Inferno


    31 Days of Horror 2021
    Day 19
    We now shift onto the 2nd film of the 3 Mothers trilogy and this one does grow on me after each viewing.
    This movie starts the most subtle of the three films. Where Suspiria starts innocently enough with a student trying to get to her Academy we then get a subtle hint that something isn't right then open credits right to the most in your face/beautiful murders you can see in a film.…

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  • Kiss of the Dragon

    Kiss of the Dragon

    The best of the American Jet Li movies, you have Jet Li taking on a dojo of black belts, Li kicking a pool ball of the corner basket and kicking it in the air at a guys head, you have the battle with the twins, the kiss of the dragon death, a fight in a small chinese store.
    Overall a real fun martial arts movie

  • The Swordsman

    The Swordsman

    The Swordsman a martial arts drama from Korea that kind of has a similar premise to Yojimbo where there is a skilled swordsman stuck between a political clash between two regions, though in this the Swordsman isn't hired to protect but is dragged in by the taking of his daughter.
    There is quite a bit have fast paced action in this movie to his origin fight that lead him to be a wanderer instead of an elite guard to the…