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  • The Operative

    The Operative


    You can’t go wrong with Diane Kruger and Martin Freeman. But that’s about it. What’s left is a well made but rather unremarkable spy thriller that, when you try to remember in a year or two if you’ve seen it or not - will have you guessing.

  • Watergate



    This is a 4 hour porn movie for political science nerds. It’s thouroughly researched, and the wealth of the material needs this length and depth: The re-enactments use the unedited raw dialog of the original tapes, and the movie brilliantly sets the scene and context for this. But at times I wished I had an extra booklet in my hands to quickly look up who’s who.

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  • Light of My Life

    Light of My Life


    When the opening scene is a super long dialog that gets the first applause even before the titles appear. Great script. Amazing acting. Loved it.

  • A Dog Called Money

    A Dog Called Money


    I'm torn about this one. I loved the scenes when they explored the various locations. I liked the music, of course. But the white spaceship like art installation that they used as a studio for the recordings, and that was interleaved into every scene couldn't be more detached. This contrast made PJ Harvey, at times, look like a war zone tourist. I think it would have worked a LOT better if they relied on the music and the texts without the studio at all.