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  • Meatball Machine

    Meatball Machine


    After battling my way through the extremely underwhelming Meatball Machine Kodoku, directed by visual effects artist Yoshihiro Nishimura, I decided to go back to where it all started with series creator Yamamoto Junichi's Meatball Machine Origin!

    This Letterboxd entry is for the edited down version of the 1999 Meatball Machine film, which was included as an extra feature for the 2005 version of MM, of the same name.

    BUT, I sat down and watched the full 70 min version of…

  • The Green Inferno

    The Green Inferno

    Privileged white kids go be activists in a country who’s culture they don’t understand, and get eaten.
     Eli Roth can’t seem to shake that early 2000s teen movie feel, ala Road Trip, that is present in all his work. In some cases, like Cabin Fever, it works beautifully as a Cabin Fever is a comedy horror.  But in most, including The Green Inferno, his films fall in that weird in between state of childish dick jokes and serious, extreme horror. 

    He needs to either go back to writing teen horror, or stop writing serious horror with teenagers as the lead.

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  • Amnesiac



    Movie would be over in half the time if everyone involved spoke at a normal pace.

  • Metal Days

    Metal Days


    Shozin Fukui's first ever feature film directed when he was a university student!

    Story: A group of punks steal explosives and machine guns from a military base. After a road rage episode with another vehicle, the punks decide to use those stolen weapons against their opponents.

    While the synopsis is small, if you're familiar with other Fukui's work, you'll know he has a way of stretching out single scenes or moments, for vast periods of time.
    Metal Days is a…