Favorite films

  • Alice or the Last Escapade
  • Montenegro
  • A Story of the Forest: Mavka
  • Macumba Sexual

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  • The Deadly Trap


  • Tootsie


  • Motor Psycho


  • A Man in Love


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  • The White Cat

    The White Cat


    Ouija boards, coke-induced hallucinations of being a cat, a protagonist who was born in a cemetery & has amnesia, a suicide pact, a false death certificate, negligéed dream sequences, temporary insanity, a ring engraved "Pax," use of fore/mid/background on a par with any painter; in a word, modern art. A revelation.

    Also, touches of assorted '30s-'40s Hitchcock; bringing to mind another Swedish film of the same year, Ingmar Bergman's This Can't Happen Here, which I've always found reminiscent of Saboteur.

  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    Henry Graham says, "The only difference between us is I am a man and you are a woman and we don't have to let that interfere if we are reasonably careful." One facet of May's infinite genius in this film is her demonstration of just how irrevocably Henry's perspective, which drives the film by and large, is thrown for a loop by Henrietta's value judgments, forcing him to discount his perception entirely ("I have no mind as far as I…