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  • Hell or High Water
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  • Personal Velocity

    Personal Velocity


    It's been eighteen years or so since I'd first watched Personal Velocity, and even though I remember being moved by it, I don't remember the manner in which it was filmed and presented as being so hard to embrace. This movie was made right around the time that filmmakers were starting to experiment digitally, and Rebecca Miller clearly didn't shy away from trying to deliver these three stories in a new and interesting way. 

    Nowadays when I watch a movie,…

  • The Door in the Floor

    The Door in the Floor


    The story, for me, is always the most important ingredient of a movie, always. After the story, it's the acting, directing, cinematography and on and on. They all play into whether or not a film is bad, okay, good, great...or a masterpiece. 

    But there's also a characteristic that is almost as import as the story and acting. It's the mise en scene. 

    This movie had all the aspects of great movie-making. Not masterful, but great, including the all-important mise en…

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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    It isn't hard to understand why someone like Julie comes across as The Worst Person in the World, in an era where putting others' needs and desires before our own has somehow become the virtue we should aspire to possess above all others.  

    I'm not saying we shouldn't be kind, sympathetic and understanding to others’ needs and desires, but when we breakdown our every day interactions with other living, breathing beings on this planet it's easy to see just how rare…

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    This movie was done well enough to thoroughly entertain me while managing to scare me more than Ex Machina did.  

    I know it’s supposed to be a satire. But is it, really? 

    Worth a watch if you haven’t yet seen it. 

    Rating: Journeyman 

    Seasonal Pairing: Summer, or really anytime you feel you need to unplug.

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  • Mean Dreams

    Mean Dreams


    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for tough kids with a kind heart who also carry around with them a working moral compass. 

    In Mean Dreams, Josh Wiggins' Jonas fully embodies this type of character. He's a teenager who can't bring himself to complain about the circumstances that have him stuck in a cycle of poverty, trauma and never ending chores on his family's farm until he meets Casey...a neighbor who catches his eye and ultimately, his…