Parasite ★★★★★

You should have seen them all. Snaking their way in a massive queue outside Glasgow's famous GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre), desperate to get on the bandwagon and see the latest Oscar hoover. Pathetic. I tutted VERY loudly as I walked into the packed screening but nobody seemed to notice or care. It's 14:10 on a Monday. This place should be dead. Disgusting.

I think it's fair to say that without exception, everyone who has ever been to the cinema (or indeed, intends to visit a cinema) is an ignorant, arrogant bastard. With their shop-bought Butterkist crinkling away and roast chicken dinners stinking the place up. Nobody thinks of the humble cinephile. Me, Gavin - just trying to absorb the...the cinema of it all.

This film itself was fantastic, funny, dark, sobering and very relatable. I loved every second and even tried to join in with the frankly pathetic ripple of applause that coughed up as the credits rolled. I haven't done that since we saw Hook in Florida when I was 8.