System Error ★★★

Economy and capitalism aren't sexy topics. But although they are abstract and hard to understand subjects it's very important to think about them. "Money rules the world" isn't only a saying, it impacts and influences all our life's. This year would have been Karl Marx 200th birthday. He was one of the most influential authors and thinkers of the last century's and is mostly known for his work "the capital".
Filmmaker Florian Opitz took this as an occasion to make a documentary about economic growth. "System error" manly consists of interviews with different players of the global economy. There are investors, hedge funds managers and entrepreneurs but also journalists, economists and academics. A narrator comments in patches on the said and between the different sections of the documentary there are quotes of Marx cut in. Those underline his opinions on the topics and show that they are still relevant, even 200 years later. As earlier said, finance isn't a sexy topic. Though I enjoyed the camerawork and I thought that it was well made and aesthetic, the pictures felt a little boring after an hour and a half, because there wasn't so much going on.
Personally, I'm quite interested in topics like economy and politics. So I was really interested in the documentary and hadn't problems following it. The opinions that where expressed during the movie where quite diverse and informative. But even though the interviews where very various, you could really see the directors point of view. That didn't bother me, because I also see many things about capitalism and economic growth as difficult. But what did bother me was the choice of people for the interviews. They are almost all white and male and I really didn't enjoy that. I think a bigger variety of speakers would have helped the documentary very much.
Altogether I think "system error" is an interesting documentary and worth seeing and provokes thought.