10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★★

this is the movie i always go to when i feel like "i should watch one of those 1001 movies that are essential but i'll go with a 90's teen drama" so here are 10 things i love about this movie, surely i have more.

- kat stratford 
- heath ledger i miss u i love u(plus his green pants at the concert)
- i love the highschool because in my highschool everybody looks exact same and hate each other anyway and we never have parties
- kat's room
- "I'M BACK IN THE GAME" scene
- bianca punching joey in the face
- i love the fact that i'll never ever get over this movie i have fun everytime
- can't take my eyes off you scene 
- i also love the scene where michael throws the papers with party details down the stairs that scene invented cinema

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