Ms. Scrooge ★½

#11 on Christmas, a love/hate relationship

In the beginning, my hopes were raised for a so-bad-it's-good film. I mean, the lady's name is Ebeneda Scrooge. She is such a bitch that she practically stomps on the hand of a kid who tries to pick up a coin lying on the ground. Then there's all the conversations she has with her customers, as a loan shark. Then there's Marley who comes to haunt her through her computer screen. This was freaking brilliant.

But then the unintentional humor goes away and it becomes a serious film, with the lady playing Scrooge being a decent actor at times, terrible at others. At least the film kept my interest, until the ending after she has a change of heart, at which point I mine as well have hit the fast forward button. Although she did act like a loony for a bit.

I am almost tempted to give this movie 2 stars, but then I realize my standardshave been lowered during the last few days. That's fucking it. No more. I've had enough. Fuck the Hallmark channel and their movies. I want my entertainment back before I lose my mind. I'm going on a Hallmark strike and watching movies that actually have entertainment value for those who aren't mothers or grandparents. It's back to the movies that make me love Christmas. All these other movies can suck it.

List rating: dislike