When Angels Come to Town ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

#8 in Christmas, a love/hate relationship List.

Another day, another Hallmark Christmas movie with a mandatory "way too cheerful" woman lead. Only unlike the other Hallmark films I've seen so far, when she's not ridiculously cheerful, she's ridiculously sad. I mean she does bawl her eyes out or anything like that, but the way her inhuman lips twist when she makes a happy or sad face expression, and how easily the tears can roll from her eyes when she's sad. She's an overacting scene chewer, this Tammy Blanchard.

Peter Faulk, Mr. Columbo himself, is easily the best part about this movie. He acts with the utmost sincerity in every scene he's in, it's as if he doesn't realize he's in a Hallmark movie. But then again, he did do a scene as a woman.

So it goes the way most Hallmark movies do, some happiness here, some sadness there, but everything turns out all right in the end. Except that it most likely doesn't. The storyline to this is that Blanchard's little brother, who is in an orphanage, is about to be adopted by a family in another state, but the sister wants them to stay together to be one big happy family, but child services won't let her have her brother because she doesn't make enough annual income. By the end of the movie, I wouldn't exactly say enough has happened to change any of that, otherwise it's too little too late. So I would assume that after the movie fades to black child protective services and law enforcement burst into the home after she finds her little brother and takes him away. Then she starts crying again and a few days later hangs herself. Then the two angels who tried to make everyone's lives better lose their wings and badges and are banished to Earth, where they can't cope with being a mortal, and it's not long before they also get offed in one fashion or another. Merry Christmas everybody!

List rating: dislike