Malignant ★★★★

james wan is one of my favorite working directors — man has has launched 3 of horror’s juiciest franchises within the last two decades. safe bet that if he’s in the director’s chair, shit is gonna slap. Malignant is him having as much fun as he can / wants. it’s an over the top, genre schlock, & i’m ALL in for it. it’s quite refreshing when a film can find a balance between eerie & fun, this smacks right in the middle of both. i wasn’t expecting the slasher vibe & for it to be done so stylistically, it was dope + it still sustained otherworldly feels. my name being gabriel really made this extra unsettling, groovy stuff.

side notes:
-the red neon scenes were fck’n gorgeous
-police station bloodbath was awesome sauce

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