Aquarius ★★★★½

| #21 Film for the March Around the World Challenge – Brazil

The way in which Mendonça Filho blends realism with lyricism elevates this film beyond a sociopolitical standpoint into a beautiful existential drama that touches on so many relevant aspects of life, especially of life in Brazil. The complex relationships between classes, their inter-dependencies and the gaps of injustice that oppose them are all cleverly laid out in this story. But, unlike his previous film, which was already quite good, Aquarius is also a powerful drama, with a more central leading character whose life and relationships we witness. Clara is a widow and a music critic, a mother of three and a grandmother, a passionate lover and compassionate friend, and she is also stubborn, confident and self-respectful. It is the ability to conjugate this complex character with this rather political critique, tied together by an unfixed camera and a detailed sound design, that makes the picture a triumph.

Direction: 9,0 | Sound: 8,5 | Entertainment: 8,5 | Editing: 8,5
Acting: 9,0 | Screenplay: 8,5 | Visuals: 9,0 | Overall Rating: 8,8