The Wonders

The Wonders ★★★★

The moments of poetry and the moments of realism blend seamlessly in Alice Rohrwacher's Le Meraviglie, a wondrous coming-of-age tale about a mature teenage girl helping her family in an Italian country-side farm. The setting is at once oneiric and earthy, filled with light-brimming yellows and bright honey sunlight. Through the smoothly subjective camera-movements, we see Gelsomina, at twelve years of age, and her world as an adult-driven, unfair but magical place. We follow the family’s honey-producing system and come to understand how every member of the family, especially Gelsomina, has a big responsibility in getting the job done. She helps in almost every stage of production, and her parents tease her by saying she’s the family man.

Although that mightn’t be true, she is definitely what holds together the entire household and she is the one who keeps it from a destructive atmosphere that creeps in every time she’s not present. Her enigmatic, relatable and almost peaceful soul is all the more amazing as Maria Alexandra Lungu, playing Gelso herself, has a soothing, unique presence. It is this magical spirit that distinguishes Le Meraviglie from other realistic portraits of decaying ways of life, and ultimately it is the wonderful aspects of the film that make it extremely memorable and personally moving.

| Direction: 8,5                               | Sound: 7,5
| Screenplay: 8,0                           | Editing: 8,0
| Acting: 8,5                                     | Entertainment: 8,5
| Visuals: 9,0                                   | Overall Rating: 8,3