Winter Sleep

Winter Sleep ★★★★½

→ Integrated into my Palme D'Or Ranked list

There are many things to be said in detail about Nuri Bilge Ceylan's latest masterwork, many ideas to be discussed in diverse perspectives, such is the impeccably complete nature of the film's ideals. Yet simultaneously, a small discussion about the film's soulful sounds, with cracklings of fire and passing of winds, or about the majestic landscapes of Ceylan's beloved Anatolia and how they interlude the most perfectly truthful conversations between such human characters, is perhaps even more appropriate.

For Winter Sleep is one of those rare oeuvres where big values are in perfect harmony with the small condition of human life and with the details that make up a lifetime of sorrows, regrets and memories. It is a magnificent ode to humanity, our land and our principles, without ever under or overestimating any shortest of details.

| Direction: 9,5                               | Sound: 9,0
| Screenplay: 10,0                        | Editing: 7,5
| Acting: 9,0                                    | Entertainment: 9,0
| Visuals: 9,5                                   | Overall Rating: 9,3