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GFF23 Red Carpet - Hong Kong Mixtape

Amid China’s introduction of a new national security law that restricts certain words, images, books, slogans and songs, director San San F Young examines the internal struggle of those who choose to fight to protect the creative freedoms of the residents of Hong Kong. San San F Young joined us on the GFF23 red carpet to discuss her film; HONG KONG MIX-TAPE at GFF23. Seek this film out - it went down a storm.

Young Selectors at GFF23

Young Selectors, a panel of 18–25 year-olds with a passion for film, returned for Glasgow Film Festival 2023 in full force. Eight young people, all based in Glasgow, selected films from the festival programme to spotlight with introductions, discussions, reviews and online content. Our Young Selectors talk about their picks for GFF23 here, and their choices were stellar!

Polite Society GFF23 Red Carpet (Closing Gala)

Fast-paced, funny and brimming with eye-popping Crouching Tiger-like fights, Polite Society is played to the hilt by a fantastic cast. Priya Kansara is a force of nature as Ria but may just have met her match in Nimra Bucha’s formidable matriarch, a woman who will let nothing stand in the way of her son’s nuptials. We were joined on the GFF23 red carpet by writer/ director Nida Manzoor, star Priya Kansara, producer Olivier Kaempfer, and exec producer John Pocock.

Rye Lane GFF23 Red Carpet

Two 20-something Londoners embrace their impulsive side and embark on a day of joyous mayhem in director Raine Allen Miller’s debut feature that is a vibrant and playful rom-com for the new generation. Director Raine Allen-Miller and cast member Vivian Oparah joined us on the GFF23 red carpet with producer Yvonne Isememe Ibazebo.

GFF23 Opening Gala - GIRL

Now that GFF23 is over - lets relive it in the virtual realm! All this week we're sharing the great videos by Richie Morgan from the GFF red carpet, giving you the inside look on the fest. Check out our Youtube channel for much much more!

Recent reviews

European Premiere at GFF23 TODAY

Jonas Chernick (Ashgrove, James vs. His Future Self) returns to GFF starring alongside the wonderful Emily Hampshire (Schitts Creek) in Sean Garrity’s latest comedy about a married couple desperate to reignite the spark in their now routine marriage.

When Josh and Emma send their kids off to camp for the week, they are quickly faced with the realisation that their sex life has grown stale. In a bid to reinvigorate their relationship, the pair embark…

UK Premiere

Following the capers and misfortunes of Icelandic female punk collective The Post Performance Blues Band, blends fact and fiction to delightful ends.

'Bandmates Álfrún, Saga and Hrefna give themselves one year to make it big or leave the business for good, with the film documenting their make-it-or-break-it pursuit for unattainable fame. Spinal Tap meets Flight of the Conchords meets Bjork in Örnólfsdóttir’s sometimes deep but always hilarious docu-allegory'

See the film then see the band! At #GFF23 The…

Lee Grant's documentaries are rich portraits on trailblazing subjects - taking a direct and empathetic eye to the systematic and cultural horrors being perpetuated in contemporary America.

The year in which the film was made, 1,500 women were being killed each year in America by a husband or a boyfriend. BATTERED offers an unflinching portrait of this epidemic of domestic violence.

Grant's documentaries bring a voice to the voiceless and you can see them soon at GFF23 as part of our retrospective honouring her work.

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Liked reviews

This auspicious and enigmatic second feature from French filmmaker Léa Mysius unfurls like an ethereal remix of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining in its fantasy-flecked exploration of a pre-teen girl attempting to comprehend the romantic affiliations of her parents. It’s perhaps not as cut-and-dried as that description makes it sound, and there are fewer explosions of violence. Passion, yes; violence, no.

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In its own dryly ironic way, the title of French writer/director Rebecca Zlotowski’s fifth feature has the power to strike fear into the heart. It suggests a horror movie: the horror of having to pretend to be the mother of a child who is not yours; the horror of biological changes to the body and the loss choice those changes bring; the horror of living in the shadow of another woman; the horror of realising that time is slipping away from you, and you cannot stop the clock.

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GFF 2023

Supremely my shit, apart from how rude he is (esp to his mum) him gushing about punch drunk love is so real !! 

Filled w lots of fun gags, but also some really emotional moments. Found this rlly comforting and I can’t wait to watch again, my fav of GFF23 (so far!)

The Astronaut

The Astronaut


Despite occasionally loosing track of what the film was meant to be, it was visually appealing and had some superb acting which made for a fun watch.