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This review may contain spoilers.

Korean prople wtf is wrong with your directors? :)

Of course you start your movie (which is named parasite) with the main family looking on their phones in order to leach on free wifi :). Bong jon hoo puts these little comedy scenes in his serious movies, makes them easier to digest. Not totally real funny situations. After two films i would like him to go full serious on a movie, where if he wants to insert comedy into a scene it would be more believable. I mostly found myself rooting for the main family - who are just as bad as the “aunt” and her husband. They both were parasites (as the movie calls it) but there were times i just hated everyone for everything that they did. I feel like i have heard this story before somewhere. There wasn’t much something to grab my full attension, but there was something. I guess i was a little hyped about this movie.
The movies looks really good. You can tell that even with not-so-important shots, the director knows how to get a great one. The characters, very well defined. I had problems with other korean/japanease movies where i couldnt distinguish between the characters (because they look like each other) in the past (especially with movies with a big cast, like seven samurai), but had no problems here. The characters are well defined, and editing helps immensely with the recognition.
Cant decide between a 7 or 8. Leaving it at 8 for now ...

On the other hand, “office” has absorbed my life for the last two weeks. Liked that show very much. My complaint is that i watched it in two weeks. Like a great burger where you rush through aeting it cuz you are very hungry, but still feel hungry after finishing it (also michael scott leaving was very disappointing. DAMN YOU HOLLY!)

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