The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★½

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a film by Yorgos Lanthimos, that is is focused an a teenager coping with his dad’s tragic death. But soon, we witness his behaviour take a bizarre turn of events that builds up to an agonizing end. 

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t really like this movie at first thought. When the credits rolled in, I thought the ending was stupid. I heard so much about this so-called “psychological thriller” and was disappointed. 

Once I thought about the plot, the metaphors and the ending, this whole film’s psyche becomes more apparent. This movie’s universe uses the logic of balancing out one wrong deed with another (basically karma). The film’s world has a mechanism of punishment for one’s wrongs and we see this with the sudden occurrences in the children. I personally thought at first the whole ‘random occurrences’ was a form of lazy writing from the writing team, but now I see this is how the movie’s universe works.

Aside from the plot, this movie does an amazing job with setting the tone. The eerie cinematography, music, dialogue was *chef’s kiss*. I truly felt unsettled at times and felt like this movie was a series of events taking place in a bad dream. I wanted to stop the movie at some points, but couldn’t look away. The cinematography is dark and cold. The camera angles are constructed give the audience the perspective of an outsider or an intruder, constantly showing events from high angles and far away shots. The overall tone created in this movie creates a darker vibe, implying that things are not as they should be.

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