Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★★

Spider-Man: Far from Home is an outstanding superhero film, a total blast to watch, and is a much better film than its predecessor. While Homecoming struggled with carving out a personality for itself and its characters, Far from Home is able to honor the spirit and energy of the comics while also deviating from it in new and exciting ways. The film is bestowed a great villain in Mysterio, who gives the film a number of very fascinating and surprising layers. Making the correlation between drone strikes and Hollywood state of the art effects, the film connects mass entertainment to modern warfare; suggestive of the deception and disinformation used in mass media to manufacture the consent of the public's views on world affairs and foreign policy. Mysterio's methods and plans to misinform, dupe, and con the planet in favor of his own personal gain unmistakably echoes the practices and procedures used by the ruling classes to swing the public's perception of world issues into their own benefit and profit. It goes without saying that such things often culminate in imperialism and authoritarianism. Far from Home boldly realizes this allegory through pure genre filmmaking, resulting in one of the MCU's most ambitious works. Although Far from Home is surprisingly deep, especially for a contemporary Hollywood blockbuster, it's also an incredibly fun movie with director Jon Watts alternating between high octane action and comedy with great tonal control. Tom Holland, who may have been somewhat awkward in the role the first couple go-arounds, has grown into an excellent Spider-Man & Peter Parker, equipping him with a acrobat's physicality and a Jimmy Stewart-like affability that makes him instantly appealing and winsome. The supporting roles are equally great, with Zendaya as a gawky but charming MJ and a superb Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio; making the villain into one of his cunning, nutty sociopaths that he has specialized and excelled at in recent years. This is an excellent film, probably the best superhero film of the year and one of the MCU's very best films. It also ends on what might be the best cliffhanger in very, very long time. I've never heard so many gasps in a movie theater.

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