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  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The only reason the “redeemed abuser” angle doesn’t break it is because Ishida’s behavior started and stopped when he was a rather young child. Obviously that doesn’t make it okay, but where the genuine ability to change is important, young children are really the only characters that can work.

    Ueno is interesting in her supremely abject naiveté and the fact that she responds to everything genuinely, despite her lack of tact or ability to do even simple things right.


  • The Hole

    The Hole


    The sense of privation that seems almost inherent to the movie's setting persists in the musical numbers: there always feels like there's some element that should be in their production that isn't. That was interesting to me because otherwise it felt like they were filling in the space left by the same feeling in every other scene.

    The only thing that truly resolves it is when the woman trying to mount a bulwark against material privation and decay and the…

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  • Paterson


    TIFF programmer: "Can you talk about some of the philosophy behind this movie?"

    Jim Jarmusch: "No."

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    With the possible exception of Heat, all the Michael Mann films contain nightmarish sequences. There's something uncanny and intimidating about the way his characters are dwarfed by architecture or bathed in unnaturally colored light (Manhunter possibly being the prime example, the closest thing he's made to an actual horror movie). It always serves the tension of the moment in a way that seems rooted in the characters' subjectivity, but also makes them seem small and vulnerable. His films contain self-consciously…