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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    These are some of the questions that I had watching this movie:
    1. Why the capsule of the Captain catch fire? is there some flamable product inside? it dosn't sound very safe! the poor Captain looks like charcoal after he burns!
    2. why the dead Captain has his hand tied? are the rest of the crew afraid that he comes back as a zombie?
    3. They land on an unknown planet, with earth atmosphere and vegetation (I assume these as…

  • Totem



    it has a really good start, but the last half hour was totally disappointing, with silly plot twists and awfull CGI efects. the only explanation I see is that it pretends to be a homage to 80s horror films (it reminds me a lot to some movies like Poltergeist).

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  • The Pyramid

    The Pyramid


    not as bad as I expected. it's an entertaining horror flick. full of clichés, but entertaining

  • Lost River

    Lost River


    Visually astonishing and ... nop, that's all, visually astonishing. A David Lynch/Suspiria mashup, but with less suspense and shallow as a table. Anyway, I really enjyed watching it, maybe next time Gosling can direct a movie not writen by himself; I surelly would watch that.