Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

If ever there was a movie driven by sheer rage and trauma, it's this one. It's one of those rare pieces where every single frame feels exorcised/vomited out of the protagonist's subconscious being (and yes, I include that *ending* in within this canvas as well). It's stylish, rebellious, vain, crude, unexpected and deeply, deeply hurt at its core, and somewhat naïve. For better or worse, the film is in of itself an encapsulation of Cassandra, totally and unapologetically character driven from glorious start to divisive finish. I completely respect anyone who wasn't on board with what it attempted to do, but I'm seeing one too many criticisms twisting it into falling short of something it never even tried to be. It's purpose is to be as in your face as almost-popping-white-crowned zit, and it will sink it in with the baddest motherfucking punch imaginable — none of this whispers subtlety, and that's okay!!!

I loved it. Maybe even the ending, yes, when viewed from the very particular perspective of a twisted dreamlike hope in the "righteousness" of the liberal justice system. It's such an audacious work of art, totally focused on its intentions, and I would commit murder to see it with an audience!!!

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