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  • Come to Daddy

    Come to Daddy


    Darkly comic pulp that scratches a certain itch if you like your crime capers a little bit trashy, a tiny bit puerile, and a whole lot violent. Wood plays a never-worked-a-day hipster who’s in waaaaaay over his head when his estranged dad invites him to his ocean-side home.

    The set-up is a nail-biter, but the tension is released the further it goes along and more is revealed. Still though, that thick layer of menace and black comedy earns a heap-ton of goodwill upfront, even if the later sadism is a turn-off. (And who’s to say it is?)

  • Kansas City

    Kansas City


    Period detail that feels authentic wins the day. Otherwise, the movie spends a lot of time with Jennifer Jason Leigh chewing scenery as an abrasive floozy. Belafonte shines as a dangerous gangster, but the movie isn’t about him, and that’s a shame.

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  • Wrath of the Titans

    Wrath of the Titans


    Exploding Dirt: The Motion Picture.

  • Blubberella



    Based on a joke that no one wanted to see ("What if Bloodrayne was fat?") comes another amateur-hour Uwe Boll film. It's sub-Friedberg & Seltzer parody, complete with black face and a sympathetic Hitler (played by Boll himself). You've been warned...