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This review may contain spoilers.

Man, this felt like an experience. I was absolutely captivated by everything in this film. The beautiful sunny and pastel colors, the sudden splash of gory scenes, and this odd commune that's just practicing their traditions. Florence Pugh delivers a fantastic performance as the protagonist. Her character arc truly makes for a great ending.

I left the theatre with a new perspective on grief, death, and fearing what we don't understand or what we are unfamiliar with. I didn't view the people of the commune as evil because I felt the film did not display them as that. I believe that was intentional, as if Aster wanted to explore the idea of "us" and "them".

Ari Aster KNOWS how to write and direct grief into a film and it hurts every time. The scenes that gave me the most anxiety were the ones where the protagonist was dealing with her recent loss. Her body movements and ear piercing screams made me feel her pain.

I know I could benefit from a rewatch and definitely will be looking forward to catching this in the theatre again. I hope to see more twisted films from the mind of this director!

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