Favorite films

  • The Lighthouse
  • Perfect Blue
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Spirited Away

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  • Moon Knight


  • Jaws 2


  • Interstellar


  • Thor: Love and Thunder


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  • Moon Knight

    Moon Knight


    love this character but this show is really carried by oscar isaacs great performance the rest is just solid. some writing things that are just fine . feels like they could’ve explored some more stuff in depth but really oscar isaac made this show lovable . ethan hawke was solid too but i feel like he was underdeveloped and underutilized. overall pretty good but not amazing. still probably the second best mcu show but that’s not rly saying much

    episode 5 is rly solid tho

  • Jaws 2

    Jaws 2


    idk why i watched this shit it starts off fine and then just quickly devolves into a boring headache lmao. roy schneider a goat but this movie just ain’t that good

Popular reviews

  • Eternals




    yea this kinda just shits on the rest of the mcu

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil



    this movie fucking broke me dude

    like i can’t even formulate an actual review

    definitely top 10 of all time at least

    probably in my top 5 atm could move up

    that third act is unreal but that’s saying a lot when it’s paired with the rest of this movie lmao