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  • Annihilation



    Wow. This was certainly an experience. I was left speechless for several minutes after the credits rolled while I digested the film's complexities. Annihilation does something very few films are able to do, which is have faith in its' audience's ability to comprehend complex themes and piece together its' clues. It leaves the viewer wanting more, but it doesn't withhold any integral substance; a fine line many films fail to walk. All the while mesmerizing you with incredible visuals and…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    I love this film a little bit more every time I see it. The way it was shot so meticulously, makes the world feel very lived-in and authentic even though you are only able to see it through a small window. Everything from the set design and practical effects to the moody soundtrack and lighting. Ridley Scott uses every one of these to foreshadow the climax.

    Blade Runner is a film that continues to inspire and surprise me after repeat viewings, and it is a poetic story that offers a plethora of themes to chew on long after the credits roll.

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  • Alien



    Damn, Ridley Scott knows how to stage a fucking scene. You can hear every chain rattle, feel every drop of water as the Xenomorph lurks in the shadows, awaiting its' next victim. I can't imagine what it was like for people in 1979 that didn't know about jump scares. The original Alien offers the kind of style and design that is difficult to discover anymore. And while a couple of scenes date the movie, it still holds up as one…

  • Primer



    I'll be honest, I was lost a bit during most of this. There aren't many sci-fi movies out there that don't romanticize the experience by showcasing cool gadgets or displaying far out visuals. Alas, those are two of the things I love about science fiction. And though I yearn for more engaging works of sci-fi, Primer was too technical for my liking. I don't know the first thing about quantum physics. I'm sure they did it well, but I'm not well enough equipped to fully appreciate the science behind it.

    For $7,000 this is still impressive though.

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  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    Maimed and Framed.

    Whoa this was wild! It feels like nobody ever talks about Phantom of the Paradise, and t's a shame it has eluded me thus far. Preceded by A Clockwork Orange, and followed by Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom feels a lot like a mix of the two. There was a perfect blend of opera and horror, and Brian De Palma's shots were bonkers.

    I fuckin' dig the 70s, man.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Memberberries: The Movie.

    Okay, Spielberg, take us on a nostalgia trip upon your magic 80's ship. Where the sign says, "You must be 'this' old" to fully appreciate the ubiquitous trinkets of pop culture from years gone by. Yes, I got wrapped up in it at certain points, particularly during *that* scene, but the constant use of CG took me out of the movie too frequently.

    I generally enjoy when a film utilizes an existing piece of art to enhance…