La La Land

La La Land ★★★★½

La La Land isn't perfect, lord knows it tries. But Damien's love letter to musical films of yore is a fine testament to musicals. A beautifully crafted film that excites the heart, and makes one fall in love for sure. I know it made me fall in love. Ryan and Emma have such wonderful chemistry together, and while I would have LOVED to have POC as the leads of this story (especially considering the jazz background) they manage to win me over. With that said, the major issue I have with this film is that Damien has such a hard-on for jazz that he feels that the "white savior" will save Jazz. Which brings me to John Legend, who... was right? Idk there's a lot more to this. But we can talk about that personally.

AUTHORS NOTE: This isn't in a way to sort of take from the movie. But it is something worth talking about.

But overall, I loved it. It made me feel good. A great nostalgic throw back.

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