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  • 13 Assassins

    13 Assassins

    My podcast, Loose Canons, is making preparations for our annual canon episode. This year the theme will be Asian Action Cinema. So each member is watching a selection of movies culled from the most popular/highly rated Asian Action movies according to IMDb and Letterboxd and at the end of the year we will get together to discuss what we saw.

    I'm hiding all ratings until the end of the year to help preserve the surprise when we record.

  • Universal Soldier

    Universal Soldier



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  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    An imitation crocodile-skin handbag that reeks of chemical treatment and color that won't stop rubbing off on your hands and clothes. Yet somehow it costs more than the real thing.

  • Black Mass

    Black Mass


    Early on in the film a bunch of gangsters are hanging out in a car and one of them starts to tell a story about how he heard porn stars in Los Angeles eat a bunch of celery right before they perform. He gets interrupted and never explains why they do this. I was more interested in hearing the end of that story than anything that happened over the next 100 minutes of movie.