Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★½

First time viewing Final Cut.

Feel the same way seeing the movie that I always do. Some unbelievably beautiful shots and perhaps the coolest depiction of decaying futuristic urbanity I have ever seen run headlong into existential quandaries I just don't give a shit about. "How would we deal with robots if they attained sentience?" is a real boring A -> B thought; basically the first thought any person who could conceptualize robots in the first place would have. The film never develops that notion past the equally obvious "aren't we all robots when you really think about it?"

Scott also bungles most of the action scenes, failing to link characters within the space to make it clear where everyone is in relation to one another. The biggest culprit is the chase between Deckard and the first female replicant, Zora. There's a moment when he loses her and she hides in a stairwell and the camera keeps cutting from him scanning the streets while hanging off the side of a bus to shots of her hiding, but the angle of cutting from him to her makes it look like the shot of her is a POV shot. But then it cuts back to him and he's still looking for her. When he finally does see her Scott uses the same angle, the only difference being that the framing is tighter on her face. This distorts the audience's expectations, creating confusion where there should be tension.

Rachel Young's coat might be the best coat ever, though. So there's that.

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