Housebound ★★

I didn't finish this. Sorry to everyone who liked it. I didn't hate it or anything. There were a few charming moments, but I reached a point at which I said "Oh I feel like I know where this is going" and the energy to watch the 50 minutes I still had left drained out of me entirely. Sometimes I just don't have the willpower to keep watching something I feel like I already understand completely. What am I getting from that experience? What will confirming my suspicions offer me?

But, perhaps to play devil's advocate with myself, I probably spent the next 50 minutes dicking around on Facebook anyway. So did I really earn the right to shut off Gerard Johnstone's debut feature halfway through? Was I doing anything so important that I couldn't give his movie a chance to surprise me?

Of course not. But sorry, Johnstone. I'm on vacation and I do what I want.

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