Middle of Nowhere ★★★½

First off, the plot line for this film on IMDB is very, very short compared to what happens. Second, drug dealing stories have always been interesting to me, and this one was no different. I came across it in passing when I was checking out the Independent section and I recognized Justin Chatwin‘s name, and since I liked his character in Shameless US I thought I’d check this one out. Once it started I realized the main character was the dude from Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin), and with those two combined you’re destined to have a good time. There were a few pretty artfully done shots that I didn’t really expect given the waterpark atmosphere, and the editing was pretty solid to deliver a nice visual experience. Solid performances all around, especially during the bedroom scene leading to the home stretch with Susan Sarandon (which coincidentally is the second movie of hers I’ve seen today.) Indie fans will have no trouble liking this one right off the bat and newcomers to the genre could be easily introduced with this one. Check it out.