Marble Hornets ★★★½

This was so odd to come into as someone who somehow totally missed the phenomena as it was happening despite my interest in horror. Suddenly Slenderman was just a thing that, to me, cropped up out of nowhere and my experience and knowledge to do with it was all from horror games I watched other people play. Watching what started it all now, I do definitely wish I had been on board while it was actually occurring. I can see how anxiously awaiting updates in "real time" so to speak would've been very interesting and fun. In any case as it is with me very slowly binging it over the course of a couple weeks, I definitely enjoyed it. It really does an excellent job at building up tension and dread, even seemingly innocuous and inconsequential entries are a vehicle of furthering the growing anxiety of when something will happen, and it's startling when it does even outside of the jumpscare-ish sounds and distortion. It's generally very subtle with it's eeriness, and again, I can see how seeing "Slenderman" before he was so known by that name and everywhere, would've been spooky itself.

I also like that, despite the length, it never goes out of it's way to feed you information with exposition or anything about why exactly it's happening. And we have some unreliable narrators that leave us with the question of who's fault is it really, if anyone's?

All in all, very fun, and considering they took this on all on their own and turned it into something that's clearly had an effect on pop culture and particularly internet culture overall, it's quite cool to see where it all started.

tw/cw: epilepsy warning
idk there's a lot probably I'm forgetting it's long as hell but you know.