• The Man with Nine Lives

    The Man with Nine Lives


    Mason was bi and had a crush on Kravaal there's no other explanation for him constantly being so okay with all the shit he was pulling, a real Dan Cain and Herbert West situation.

    tw/cw: Nothing really.

  • Spree



    Everyone in this does a great job making it feel so genuine to the point it's hard to watch from second hand embarrassment, but really enjoyable all the same. Keery is great but Sasheer Zamata is the best.

    tw/cw: blood
    epilepsy warning possibly for a lot of shaky cam and general flailing of the camera
    homophobic slurs/racism from some characters/commenters

  • The Centerfold Girls

    The Centerfold Girls


    This just felt unnecessarily cruel in how unrelenting it is about these women and their misfortunes. I like the aspect of an anthology film via each of a serial killer's victims, and I suppose arguably each had to make things interesting before he shows up to end it, but it's just exhausting watching each woman suffer endlessly. It feels like it relishes each attempted or successful sexual assault, each person one after the next that mistreats them in one way…

  • 1917



    On the technical side of things, it's definitely very cool and wild that they were able to do it. However narratively it falls very flat imo but I'm never a fan of war films, so.

    tw/cw: flashing lights/epilepsy warning

  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    Compared to Mandy this is way more of a slow burn, and far more abstract in it's surrealism, but man the aesthetic. It still winds up pretty satisfying.

    tw/cw: epilepsy warning

  • Possessor



    Everyone who made me believe this was going to be an excellent horror film owes me a dollar.

    Please be aware that the literal first scene of the film has a graphic scene involving a Black woman and police. I cannot believe that I saw nothing about this to warn people of it, it's deeply unsettling (but not for any commentary reasons just Because imo) and I imagine incredibly triggering for some.

    tw/cw: Aside from that there's a LOT of…

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    While this has some of the trappings of what we see later in the most recent Halloween film i.e. Laurie and how she struggles with her past trauma, the semi-remake achieves the concept much better. Part of that may be due to the fact I feel like nothing much happened in this i.e. killing and all until the last like... half hour? And if much of that was dedicated to Laurie and her struggles maybe that'd be one thing, but…

  • Alucarda



    I personally think more media should have satanic vampire lesbians tbh.

    tw/cw: blood
    lots of nudity

  • Dinosaurus!



    Very dorky and definitely has some racial insensitivity, but the dinos are pretty cute.

    tw/cw: N/A

  • Burn the Witch

    Burn the Witch


    The universe of this is really interesting already, and the designs are great. It gets a little eye rolly in the sexualizing department, but it could be worse. I just hope Macy doesn't get played to be the possessive lesbian trope for long and gets more fleshing out instead.

    tw/cw: Aforementioned sexualizing

  • Carole & Tuesday

    Carole & Tuesday


    I really wanted to like this more, and in a sense I did enjoy a lot of aspects of it, but the glaring issues with its queer characters soured so much of what would otherwise be a really sweet, warm series. It's hard to take the overall message seriously when the majority of queer characters shown are either abusive, one to the point of downright being an antagonist, or treated in a way that's uncomfortable. You're telling me in this…

  • Holiday Hell

    Holiday Hell


    While Jeffrey Combs certainly is the best actor in this overall (and is why I watched it), I still had a decent time watching it. At least the first short had some deaf/ASL representation, and the fact that there was a Hanukkah story was something.

    tw/cw: blood/gore