Gemini Man ★★★

"So that's it, huh? We're some kind of Gemini Man?"- Will Smith, probably.
Just back from seeing this in the best possible conditions, alone, in a 260 reclining seated Dolby cinema (one of only two in the UK) in 3D, 60 High Frame Rate.
Its a mixed bag, some terrible script and character issues but some fantastic action set pieces. After spending over twenty five years in development with several actors and directors attached and certain points, all the story and screenplay problems should never have made it to a final film.

On the plus side I loved the action. It was clear, well filmed in long, steady takes. I've heard Ang Lee described as a director who doesn't have a particular style or specific stamp he puts on his movies except quality and there is plenty of quality in the action here.

The 3D is pointless, I haven't been to a 3D film for over 6 years and dislike it but the HFR, although a bit gimmicky, gives the film a crystal clear sharpness and puts you right there on the set. I'm glad there is still people like Ang Lee and James Cameron trying to push the envelope.

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