Dream ★★★½

A man dreams he's involved in a hit-and-run, while chasing his ex-girlfriend's car. And when he wakes up, the accident is real - it's just that he wasn't the one driving. Somehow, a woman he's never met before has become inextricably linked to him through his dreams. Everything he dreams, she acts out.

But while he's chasing his ex-girlfriend in his sleep, she's visiting an ex-boyfriend she hates. To try to solve the problem, Jin and Ran try not sleeping, or sleeping together, or sleeping in shifts, but nothing really seems to help, and eventually the whole mess ends in tragedy.

This must be the talkiest movie Kim Ki-duk has ever made. And its symbolism is pretty broad - Jin initially dresses all in black, Ran all in white, and both of them are surrounded by butterflies. As always, there's something quiet and sad and intense at the heart of this movie, but it's sometimes clumsy in getting to it.

Still, it has a lot of the same qualities that make Kim Ki-duk's best films so brilliant, so if isn't the most amazing thing he's ever made, well, it's still pretty damn good.