Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

Obviously i have made a mistake in life as i dont get out of bed at 11 to a sunbathed patio in a sweet smelling orchard , greeted by hot espresso. 
The film itself is beautiful and whoever did the styling fucking nailed 80’s italian discotec but i cant help but feel a little Lolita about the whole thing. 
The dad character was my favorite, the dialogue was amazing, but for a coming of age /sexual identity film it had an uncomfortable twinge of nambla sympathizing, no? 
Like oh its such a greek play, etc. 
but that IS how it usually goes right? 
i know that there wasnt a dry seat in the house, the tension was well handled. 
I guess ill have to think about it some more, with my walkman and psychadelic furs cassette.

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