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  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul


    Some notes...

    - A possible case study in how my mood can wildly affect my experience. I was just not in a good place to watch this. I saw this while incredibly exhausted, and as such, the stilted acting, the shallow relationships, the lack of nuance in the character interactions were just straight up annoying me. Had I seen this another day, I may have had a polar opposite reaction as these elements frequently don't bother me.

    - I did really like the slapping scene.

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    Rotated between finding this entertaining, fascinating, dull, and straight up annoying.

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  • Bully


    Man, I have so many complicated feelings about bullies!

    I don't particularly like giving this 1 star, but it really is a lazy documentary with almost nothing to offer but a brief glimpse at some sad sacks. No real solutions, no psychological insight, nothing.

    The most heartbreaking are sequences with parents discussing their dead children, especially one bit where a mom discusses the mundane details of renovating a room so it won't evoke the visual memory of her son hanging…

  • Class of 1984

    Class of 1984


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I was pretty wary of this one. I think I tend to like trash cinema more in theory than in reality. But a recent mention on Best Show on WMFU reminded me that I've been meaning to see it for a while, so here we are.

    And shit this one was fun. I don't think we were meant to side with Stegman, especially as his actions become more and more sociopathic, but I found Mr Buttinsky so inappropriate at every…