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  • Possessor
  • Incendies
  • In This Corner of the World
  • Colossal

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  • Predator


  • Prey


  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City


  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


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  • Predator



    Having enjoyed Prey I thought I’d rewatch the original.

    Oh my. 

    The score, the dialogue, the plotting. A perfect masterpiece better than every film that’s ever been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

  • Prey



    Hey, You know what I’ve waited for? A predator film that was nearly as good as the original. No one will ever top that original one but I’ve enjoyed the ones that were a bit different. I like Predator 2 more than most. But every other film featuring Predators has been dreadful.

    Until now.

    Dan Trechtenberg must specialise in taking franchises and doing something decent with them. 20 Cloverfield Lane was amazing so it makes sense to give him Predator to…

Popular reviews

  • Monster House

    Monster House


    A metaphor about a man trapped in an abusive relationship for 45 years until some kids help free him by killing his wife.

  • Bean



    A list of moments that made me laugh out loud:

    1) Mr Bean is on an aeroplane and tries to wake up someone by blowing up a used sick bag over a sleeping man.
    2) Mr Bean speeds up a theme park ride causing everyone to be thrown around like ragdolls.
    3) David: "Don't turkeys take 5 hours to cook?"
    Mr Bean: "Not necessarily."
    Cut to Mr Bean stuffing it into microwave.
    4) Mr Bean ruins a $50 million painting…