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  • Upgrade



    Really enjoyed this. Found myself whooping and applauding the extreme kills. A little slow when the action isn't happening but when it goes for it it's fantastic.

  • Superman II

    Superman II


    I'd be interested to see the Richard Donner cut. This feels meandering with too many comedy bits that just get in the way. The scene where they blow wind at people went on for ages and really clogged up the finale.

    Terence Stamp's Zod is so much better than Michael Shannon's version too.

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  • RoboCop



    If you watch this film expecting it to be some retelling of the original you'll be disappointed. This remake is a completely different flavour to the original. No hyper violence and it's a 12a.

    If that concerns you then I have news for you: Congratulations. You are now your parents. Shall I turn the music down too?

    RoboCop is the definition of why you remake a film. Not to do exactly the same thing but to spin the story to…

  • [REC]



    This must be the 5th time I've watched [REC] - this time on bluray after picking it up today.

    [REC] has lost nothing. It remains the single best found footage horror film ever. The acting throughout is fantastic and some of the lengthy one-take shots are meticulously executed.

    I love [REC] because it just continues to escalate throughout. It starts off documentary, building characters and themes then moves into panic, then bloody horror, then terror, then end. Once it gets…