Aliens ★½

Getting older sometimes has a strange effect on your tastes.

In short - the older I get the better Alien gets and the worse Aliens get.

Viewed today Aliens is boring. It's a patchwork quilt of blue action sequences and more about the human than the alien which severely limits interest. Also, the transition of Ripley from survivor into mother is just tired and feels like what they do with every single 'strong female character' that we see today.

This time all the mother and queen stuff really wound me up. Ripley finds she's woken up 50+ years in the future and her daughter has died so she adopts the orphan Newt and becomes the surrogate mother. Something I never noticed before was the jealousy Ripley displays over the queen alien. In the final third Ripley's motherhood is mocked as the queen alien lays dozens and dozens of eggs in front of her.

As a kid I loved Aliens and it's disappointing to see it now for what it is: an overly long talky shooter which undid all the great work the original set up. Ignoring the alien-ness, the overtly sexual horror and focussing on the human situation makes this a wasted opportunity.

I guess no matter how good chocolate is, if you eat too much, you get sick of it. Aliens is just a bad chocolate bar now.

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