Bean ★★★★½

A list of moments that made me laugh out loud:

1) Mr Bean is on an aeroplane and tries to wake up someone by blowing up a used sick bag over a sleeping man.
2) Mr Bean speeds up a theme park ride causing everyone to be thrown around like ragdolls.
3) David: "Don't turkeys take 5 hours to cook?"
Mr Bean: "Not necessarily."
Cut to Mr Bean stuffing it into microwave.
4) Mr Bean ruins a $50 million painting of Whistler's Mother.
5) David reacts to the destroyed painting where Mr Bean has drawn a smiley face on.
6) Mr Bean thinks giving the finger to someone is a gesture of goodwill and drives around Beverly Hills flipping off all the rich people.

That's more laugh out louds than Adam Sandler's entire career.

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