GhostUplekar has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★★ .

  • Midsommar




  • Paterno



    a lil wish-washy, feels like a tv movie but Al is forever the greatest to do it

  • Word is Bond

    Word is Bond


    highlight is 4sure hearing Brother Ali break down Rakim Allah & LL’s & Chuck’s bar structure. the technical workmanship + the craft talk discussed here is 👌🏽
    also if you were wondering where Peedi’s been...

  • Romper Stomper

    Romper Stomper



  • The Woodsman

    The Woodsman


    bruh 90% of this joint is unbelievable but

    1) Mos Def is MVP in this
    2) The cast is STACKED
    3) Dame Dash produced this???????????
    4) Sorry, DAME produced this & didnt finesse any State Property cameos?? A Diplomats soundtrack??? No bueno

  • Okja



    dont release movies same week Jay-Z got an album