Steve Green

Freelance journalist / editor / film-maker.

Favorite films

  • Touch of Evil
  • The Haunting
  • Planet of the Apes
  • The Wicker Man

Recent activity

  • The Giant Gila Monster


  • Black Sunday


  • Rambo


  • The Hustler


Recent reviews

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    A gripping morality tale from Fritz Lang, another for his roster of 'Innocent man' thrillers, regrettably undermined by Lang's decision to rewrite the original ending.

  • Geometry



    I ran an amateur film competition in the mid-1990s; had this film been submitted, it would probably only have got through if entries were light that year. (For the record, I watched Guillermo del Toro's "director's cut", which was thankfully 25% shorter than the original edit.)

Popular reviews

  • Plane Nuts

    Plane Nuts


    Not only do we now know who killed vaudeville, here's footage of the murder.

  • Voodoo Man

    Voodoo Man


    The last of Bela Lugosi’s films for “Poverty Row” studio Monogram, Voodoo Man reunited the fading horror legend with William Beaudine, who’d directed him in the previous year’s The Ape Man. Shot over seven days during the autumn of 1943, this rather lack-lustre resurrection drama also features intermittent support from George Zucco and John Carradine, although only Zucco seems to be enjoying himself.

    Lugosi plays the latest in a long line of deranged scientists, Dr Richard Marlowe, who’s been kidnapping…