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  • White Witch of Devil's End

    White Witch of Devil's End


    Damaris Hayman returns to the DOCTOR WHO universe as Olive Hawthorne, first seen in the 1971 serial 'The Daemons'.

    For clarification, the version I viewed was THE DAEMONS OF DEVIL'S END (2017). WHITE WITCH OF DEVIL'S END is the six-episode anthology series at its core, filmed in 2012/13 and augmented with additional material shot in the summer of 2017; it was released on DVD this week.

  • Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender


    By-the-numbers love triangle drama sparked by Richard Egan's discovery upon his from the US Civil War that lover Debra Paget, believing him dead, has married younger brother Elvis Presley. Throw in a sub-plot involving a stolen payroll, plus a few songs from the singer this tired western has been moulded around, and the end result is deeply average.

  • Invasion of the Bee Girls

    Invasion of the Bee Girls


    Whilst it's quite a challenge to connect the Nicholas Meyer here making his screenwriting debut with the assured writer / director who played a significant role in rescuing the Star Trek franchise less than a decade later, it's much easier see why he tried to have his name taken off the shambles director Denis Sanders fashioned from his script. Devoid of any real dramatic tension, it's largely a parade of well-endowed actresses in various states of undress, useful perhaps as a historical document (none of the female cast seem to have any artificial enhancement other than black contact lenses) but of minimal merit otherwise.

  • I Married a Woman

    I Married a Woman


    The second of two flimsy comedies intended to launch the movie career of stand-up comic George Gobel, filmed in 1956 but held back until 1958 when its predecessor failed to light up the box office. By then, US audiences had already seen Diana Dors play opposite Victor Mature in The Long Haul (1957), but there's very little here of note (including Dors' less than convincing American accent). There are brief cameos from John Wayne, Angie Dickinson and Joan Dixon, who wisely went uncredited. Gobel went on to have an extensive tv career, Dors returned to the UK and this non-event was quietly buried.