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  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    Even for a Steven Seagal spy thriller, this is an astonishingly incoherent affair. Entirely shot in Poland, with a cast mostly chosen for their ability to fall over when pushed by the film's heavyweight lead, it's so utterly forgettable that the director seems to have just wandered off without filming an actual finale. Maybe the loose ends were tied up in the sequel, Black Dawn. which Seagal apparently quit halfway in, leaving many of the scenes to be completed using a stunt double.

  • Soldier of Fortune

    Soldier of Fortune


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    By-the-numbers thriller set in Hong Kong and its border with communist China, in which earnest Susan Hayward enlists the assistance of shady local kingpin Clark Gable to rescue her reckless journalist husband Gene Barry from the clutches of the red menace. Gable makes a late entrance, looks bored and pretty soon so are we, but you can always hang in there for the utterly contrived "happy ending". Matinee fodder at its least inventive.

  • Channeling



    An interesting idea (if already feeling slightly dated), let down by an underpowered script and indifferent direction (both by Drew Thomas). Surely, in the society shown here, the very first first you would do during a private conversation, sexual encounter or illegal action is check no one's wearing an eye-cam?

    Incidentally, a similar plot device was used in the 1972 tv movie Probe and the short-lived tv series spun off from it, renamed Search for some unfathomable reason.

  • Jigsaw



    Gripping police procedural from writer-director Val Guest, based upon the case of 1920s "bungalow murderer" Patrick Mahon, who killed and dismembered his lover after discovering she was pregnant. Jack Warner, who'd played Inspector Lomax in Guest's science fiction thriller The Quatermass Xperiment (1955, the same year Dixon of Dock Green made its BBC debut), heads the painstaking investigation into the gruesome discovery of a butchered corpse at an isolated cottage on the Brighton coast. His quiet, mannered performance, lends the…