Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

A lucid rose-tinted nightmare taking place just out of view. The mass media machine chewing up, using, abusing, and discarding the women it hypnotizes with as quickly as possible. A mess of codes and hidden agendas popping up in every corner it can. Things constantly proving too big for anyone of us to handle alone, or even handle at all. Everything has meaning. Nothing has meaning. Meaning is only whatever you want things to mean. At the center, an individual stuck motionless in an endlessly turning globe. Achieving nothing, flailing around. Haunted by ghosts of the past, visions of our shallow obsessions, our unrealistic desires manifesting in grotesque beauty, the fear of being alone being a monster constantly looming over our head. Don't worry anymore.
Let go, have a smoke, have a fuck, have whatever fun you can. He's saying something sure. But at this point does it even matter?