Unbreakable ★★★★★

M. Night really perfected the Hollywood filmmaking formula, huh? Takes so many tropes and cliches from this genre of films and constantly reinvents and builds upon them in truly exciting ways. He does this by grounding the movie from the start which allows him to bring out a certain power and a symbolic essence out of mundane objects and situations which is really beautiful to see (Most notably the rain jacket which transforms into a superhero cape, a symbol of hope). It flows so gracefully from start to finish as we begin discovering the supernatural element of life just as the characters are piece by piece, slowly changing the way we view our world and opening up the possibility that maybe there is more to this world than what we originally thought possible. Additionally, has one of the most heartbreaking and devastating endings of M. Night’s career 💔

“You killed all those people”
“But I found you”

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