Favorite films

  • Tonkin Jasmine Flower
  • In Search of Famine
  • Tea and Sympathy
  • Gilsoddeum

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  • Tough Kids

  • The Cold Summer of 1953

  • On the Same River


  • Hai Người Lính


Recent reviews

  • Meteor and Shadow

    Meteor and Shadow


    A very bourgeois biopic about a gay communist poet that is neither interested in his communist ideals nor his romantic involvement. A scattered portrait of an artist that is neither passionate, confrontational nor effectively stylized. A true disappointment.

  • In the Name of the People

    In the Name of the People


    Way too soft on US imperialism in Central America. The reason why the US government supports a far-right military dictatorship with both economic and military aid is not really because of the false promises from that regime, like land redistribution, to stabilize the society and temporarily misdirect the class struggle, then easily overturned by the landlords and capitalists since the power has never been in the hand of the proletariat. No, the legitimacy of that regime in the eyes of…

Popular reviews

  • In Search of Famine

    In Search of Famine


    An actress plays a game where she asks the film crew about some photos of starving people and from which famines they are taken. A villager mocks how this filmmaking group accidentally causes a famine in the village where they shot a movie about famine. With just a few minor details but these have already established what maybe the most sardonic yet politically sensitive work I have seen from Mrinal Sen so far. In the treatment of 1943 Bengal famine,…

  • East Palace, West Palace

    East Palace, West Palace


    I always have my doubts about gay films written by straight filmmakers, especially since the portrait of queer character in this one is rife with stereotypes. He (A Lan) definitely has to go through lots of shit here, with the constant intimidation and humiliation from the nosy policeman, Xiao Shi. But surprisingly, this drama never turns into a play of misery or uses the basic story of a sad, lonely queer man who has been oppressed in his entire life…