The Dark Knight ★★

So... Yeah, i know, you read the rating first and now you ask yourself "What the fuck?!" because I tend to like Nolan's works. Heath Ledger is a good joker tho.

I started watching this movie with REALLY HIGH EXPECTATIONS!
I even went to some foodplace near my house, got myself some food and started the movie on the biggest screen I could find, plugged in the best sound system I was able to find and opened up my food box.

The beginning was cool. NO SPOILERS. You can read this without getting spoiled. Period.
Joker made some cool tricks. I found them both interesting and genius at a time. But that really was it for me. I found the rest of the movie really boring. I expected the main characters to hold some really ass-fucking-deep conversations about ... well everything! The movie has 4.4 goddamn stars here, 9.0 on Imdb but WHY THO?
For me - i obviously do not speak for anyone else - that was a rather boring experience. A hero. A villain. A villain that is a genius. WELL OK. I do not give a fuck. People must hate me after reading this but that does not change anything for me, it was disappointing.

I give it 2 stars because it is well made. It's no trash movie. A trash movie would deserve anything below 2 stars.