Cry Macho

Cry Macho ★★★½

Eastwood, 91, cranks out yet another one. Cry Macho is not a highbrow Hollywood treatise on race or politics or consumerism or whatever other bullshit they’re peddling. This is a story of a simple man and his search for meaning at the end of the line, and at the same time he’s passing his incomplete knowledge of life and lessons for being a man to a teenage kid—that is why it works. Clint knows he’s only got a few left, and The Mule could have been the last; however, his “smoke em if you got em” mentality keeps him going. Cry Macho may not be the best film you’ve ever seen Eastwood make, but it shows how sometimes even the simplest of stories can be the most worthwhile. Thanks, Clint.

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