Ran ★★★★

Visually, Ran is a cinematic masterpiece—each new shot could be printed and put in a picture frame. Kurosawa’s adapted Shakespeare three times, this being his last. I’ve yet to see the second, but I imagine this will be the best out of the three since his use of colorization and contrast is perfect. I have a few problems with the cohesiveness of the story, but I imagine that’s due to the near dreamlike state depicted throughout the film; a rewatch would likely improve my rating. Additionally, there’s a fairly decent-sized lull in the latter half that may bore some viewers. I think this can be attributed to the Japanese style of storytelling Kurosawa (and a lot of the other greats) employs. Overall, this is peak cinema from the sensei that more than holds up to current “standards.” Make an effort to see this one, since it’s one of those required viewings for any cinephile.

**All the reviews I liked are more detailed and deserving of recognition.

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