Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan ★★★★★

As of a week ago, i have never heard of anything Attack on Titan. Not the anime, video game or anything. So i went into this movie completely oblivious of any previous versions of this story. which i'm so glad i did as much of the negative conversation online is coming from anime fans who are angry at the various changes made to the material.
well there ain't no negative conversation from me. i loved this wild shit. I loved the giant titans, i loved the japanese kids with belt wire rockets fighting them, i loved the all over the place score, the splatterriffic gore, and the whole fast paced, bonkers vibe in this thing. i actually feel this thing was miles ahead of most Japanese action/fantasy movies that float their way overseas these days. and at the end there was a trailer for the coming very soon sequel. count me in.

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