Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker's Dracula ★★★★

chances are you've seen this odd duck before and chances are you probably already have a strong opinion on it either going in either an extreme love or hate direction. so here are just some thoughts i had while rewatching this for the first time in many years.

-it would NEVER get made today. This is like a strange Coppola erotic dream mixed with some Sam Raimi inspired blasts of horror wildness. No studio would ever give a director that much money to make something this balls out batshit.
-Goth kids must have been fucking flipping out over this movie.
- i saw it this in the theater and i remember it was sold out and the show after mine was sold out also. that's nuts.
-Yes, Keanu is shockingly awful but also is his weird grey / white hair in the film's third act.
- since Keanu's performance is often the first thing people talk about with this movie, it makes me wonder how this film would be looked at today if a slightly more appropriate actor had played that part.
-this movie has some great & really wild style sound design and the makeup and visual effects all hold up pretty well.
- Anthony Hopkins was a great, great Van Helsing.
-i can't believe Coppola went straight from Godfather III to this.

so yeah, it's a wild rewatch, it's a little uneven but it's so stylish, so nutty, so Goth erotic in a way that screams early 90s that's it's hard to not have a good time watching it.

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