Housebound ★★★

i'm really mixed on this one and had no idea how many stars to give it. it is real far from being a bad movie at all. it's quite good actually. Housebound still just let me feeling unfulfilled. on one hand i thought it was a shit ton of fun and really well made, beautifully filmed and well paced... on the other, the film's twists and turns really turned me off. once the big twist puts it's foot down and goes all Bad Ronald on the viewer in almost the film's second act, i was rather disappointed yet still quite intrigued. as the film played out, i was happily along for the ride but still left feeling kinda "meh". this is exceedingly hard to talk about without giving it all away so i recommend folks watch it now that's streaming on Netflix and leave me a comment. how did that twist work for you? i'm still real half and half with Housebound but i'd say it's for sure worth a watch. all that aside, i can't wait to see what first-time writer/director Gerard Johnstone does next.